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Our San Diego dog obedience school specializes in puppy dog training, dog behavior training, guard dog training, dog leash training, home dog training, hunting dog training, online dog training, puppy obedience training, puppy training tips, guide dog training, clicker dog training, dog training advice, service dog training, therapy dog training and professional dog training.

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Testimonials: Happiness is... A Better Canine !

It's like reading The Bible of Dog Training!
-- The Readers of The ABC's of Dog Training …and YOU!
This is a wonderful book for all dog owners!
It should be packaged with every new puppy as an owner's manual.
-- Beatrice from Columbus, Ohio
This is not “just another book on dog training” - It's a Dog Training Dictionary!
-- John and Jeanette Dean of Cleveland, Ohio
I'm 100% convinced that well-trained dogs and owners make for “The Best Of Friends!”
-- John & Donna Jones, El Cajon, CA
Happy Graduates of San Diego Dog Obedience Training School: ABC School for Dogs in La Mesa
We have so often seen where a trained dog became not only “A Better Canine,”
but also “A Better Patient.”
-- Veterinarians Throughout San Diego and the USA
I read your book and loved it! It's very funny and SUPER-INFORMATIVE!
-- Naomi Mason, Incline, NV
The training of my dog Lucky, was simply the best, and so is your book - a must for every dog owner!
-- Lucy Hoffman, La Mesa, CA
Behavioral problems are the most common reasons dogs are euthanized and this could be easily resolved with the proper training. My clients and I have all been completely satisfied with David's teaching methods and our “new dogs.”
-- Jo Beaty, DVM (Veterinarian), Coronado, CA
Your book is wonderful! Challenging but rewarding! I LEARNED -- MY DOG LEARNED! We came from 'ground zero' in only 13 weeks!
-- Karen and Sepp, San Marcos, CA


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FREE Sample: Download our Free Dog Training E-Book Here